The Hov Soaking Up The Moments

         The Hov bares his amusing side as he prepares for the opening of the brand-new Barclays Center on Friday.

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Alicia Keys Is An Inferno

           Since releasing her debut album Songs in A Minor Keys has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. So, what do you think of the Inferno version featuring Nicki Minaj?

Girl on Fire is set for release Nov. 26.                                                                                      

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No Second Baby for Beyoncé & Jay-Z…Yet

         The rumor mill swirled this week that Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z

 could be expecting their second child, after pictures of the entertainer attending a dinner party in New York stirred baby bump discussion.

According to the Hov, his wife isn’t having a baby – at least not yet, anyway.

When asked if he was expanding his family the mogul denied that his wife was pregnant on Wednesday at a video game launch at his 40/40 club.

While Beyoncé does have a demanding schedule with motherhood being the most arduous, challenging and rewarding, the entrepreneur has a leading role in Clint Eastwood’s A Star Is Born remake, a couple of music projects to attend to and pitching a documentary-style flick about her life that she’ll direct.

Hmmm…perhaps she is and the couple wants to keep it under wraps or B just ingested too much salt. Either way, folks, when the duo create a sibling for baby Blue Ivy, the world will know because the Hov will be beaming that silly grin and Beyoncé will be glowing…so take heed lavish baby emporiums and be prepared to have your extinguishers at the ready because your machines will be smokin’!

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Inaugural Jay-Z Concert Launches Barclays Center

                                                         “I’ve been on many stages all around the world and nothing feels like tonight,” Jay-Z

expressed to thousands of encouraging spectators.

The hip-hop icon, whose real name is Shawn Carter, proved Friday night that dreams do come true as he opened the 19,000-seat Barclays Center with a sold-out show. The Hov was definitely living a full circle moment as he encouraged concert goers to have their own go at triumph.

Jigga, who grew up two miles away from the Barclays Center, shared emotionally with concert goers about how far he had come since his self-effacing days in Marcy Houses, a Brooklyn public housing project, and his stint dealing drugs. “I’m really overwhelmed by the moment.” And “I can’t believe that this day has come.” he affectionately voiced.

The homegrown mogul paid homage to the late rap icon and fellow Brooklyn native Christopher Wallace aka Notorious B.I.G. by displaying an image of him on the stage and covering two of his tracks.

The Brooklyn Nets minority stake holder shared this stimulating missive with ticket holders, “I believe everybody in the world is born with genius level talent … Apply yourself to whatever you’re genius at and you can do anything in the world.”

Eventually What You Aiming For Will Be A Swish If You Keep Shooting

         When you going for your dreams you have to look at the road like a basketball player.  Basketball players shoot everyday if they want to hit the goal. Not just any player tho. The real ballers shoot everyday. No complaints. Rain, sleet, or snow you can see them practicing on the technique. What’s your technique?

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HOW TO: Increase your brand with pictures

                                                 You want your brand to be noticed by the people want you want to buy your work? Make sure your image is what you want people to see  when they come to your page. Make your brand stand out from every other brand you see in your niche.

You may tell yourself everybody is doing this or that. You may feel obligated to follow the crowd. The thing is the crowd is usually average. You want your brand to be better than the average brand you see around.

Put effort into your photos so when people view your work on their iPhones or Samsung Galaxy’s you will leave them wanting more from your brand as a whole.Invest in yourself and people will notice.

R Kelly talks working with Kanye West?

         Good to see R. Kelly working with amazing talent in Kanye West

. R Kelly recently did an interview and discussed what it was like. “Kanye sent me a track he was working on. I sent it back. He sent it back to me, I sent it back to him… until we had something,” Kellz told “It felt good to both of us. He trusts my talent and I trust his talent.”

While this is their first time working together, they go way back. “I knew Kanye way before he was known. We’ve always had fun in the clubs or wherever we were, just kickin’ it, but we never had a chance to get in the studio before and hook up like this, and I’m just glad we finally got that chance,” he said. “I’m just very honored to be on this track working with him.”

The Pied Piper promises to cater to his female fans when he embarks on his “Single Ladies” tour on October 13 in Columbia, South Carolina.

“I know there’s going to be couples in the audience, which is great,” said Kelly, who named the tour after his Write Me Back single “Feelin’ Single.” “At the same time, I feel like wherever there’s a single ladies party, there’s gonna be a whole bunch of single guys, so we’ll just call it one big dating game.”

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Galliano’s Fall/Winter 2012 Ads


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